The value of Student Generated Video

by | 1 Nov 2018

A video assignment can complement or serve as an alternative for an essay, test, presentation, demonstrations of a skill or experiment, and other types of assignments. The process of conceptualising and creating a video involve the highest levels of learning, namely application, analysis, evaluation and creation of knowledge. Moreover, promotes 21st century skills development, digital skills, information skills, interpersonal skills, academic skills, enhancing student employability.


At Maastricht University (UM), a growing number of teachers asks students to hand in video assignments. These teachers include Giselle Bosse (FASoS), Nardo de Vries and Wil Foppen (SBE), Kai Heidemann and Jeroen Moes (UCM), and Nynke de Jong (FHML).


Problem-Based Learning related

Ilse Sistermans

Ilse Sistermans

Student generated videos relate to the core principles of Problem-Based Learning (PBL) taught at UM; namely that learning should be constructive, collaborative, contextual, and self-directed.

Read how student video assignments relate to the core principles of PBL in an article by UM e-learning specialist Ilse Sistermans, published in the Media & and Media and October newsletters.

Read about UM practices on our own VideUM website.




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