The Way Forward

26 Aug 2020

The project officially ends on 31 August. Is this also the end of further improving information literacy education? Surely not, it remains exciting! The project has delivered an evidence-based programme for information literacy education at Maastricht University (UM). The next step is to ensure a sustainable and structural implementation into faculty education. Here are our recommendations on how to move forward.

The Do’s, Don’ts, and Don’t knows

The past years have taught us a lot about the possibilities and challenges when it comes to the sustainably implementing information literacy skills into the classroom. The following Do’s, Don’ts, and Don’t knows have been written to guide us on the way.


  1. Ensure the sustainable implementation of the information literacy curriculum into faculty programmes and courses
  2. Make an inventory of information literacy practices in faculty programmes and courses
  3. Continue integrating information literacy skills training into Continuing Professional Development
  4. Continue building partnerships on information literacy between UM Library, EDLAB, UM faculties, and other support services
  5. Use UM’s LMS Canvas as a tool to enhance information literacy education
  6. Continue conducting research on the needs and effectiveness of information literacy practices



  1. Offer workshops/lectures about information literacy, as part of a course, that are disconnected to the subject content
  2. Copy the UM rubric intended learning outcomes into your course books
  3. Create new information literacy activities without having an overview of what is already offered at your faculty


Don’t Knows

  1. How to follow-up on Information-Wise and maintain momentum?
  2. What will be the final agreements with the faculty?
  3. How will the programme look like for master and PhD students?



In autumn 2020, conversations between the University Library and the vice-deans of education will take place. The outcome of these conversations will specify further developments and initiatives regarding information literacy in faculty education.


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  • Authors:
    Jaro Pichel, Educational specialist and project leader UM Library / EDLAB
    Henriëtta Hazen, coordinator Academic Skills & Support at UM Library


This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0) License.



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