In April 2013, the University Library organised 2 Library User Groups where students could express their opinion, concerns and compliments regarding library issues. Here’s an update on the topics we discussed:

  • Borrowing
    Students who borrow books are not familiar with the rules and regulations, especially what to do when the loan period is overdue. The library will bring this to the attention of students mid-September
  • Available study space
    Students are not always aware of the fact that there are extra study places available now at the Bonnefanten building or they have trouble finding a free spot in one of the library buildings. At the moment, the library cannot provide an electronic overview of free spaces, but if you have trouble finding one, just ask the library staff if they know where the free spots are. Before the exam weeks the library will post information on Facebook about extra opening hours and study places. Students express their concerns regarding the so-called “towel-behavior”. People leave their stuff at a study place and then leave for hours, thus occupying a place where someone else could work. The library staff tries to keep an eye on this. Basically if a place has not been occupied by a person for 30 minutes, someone else can use this study place.
  • Printing
    Well, this is a hot topic obviously. Several students mentioned that the follow-me-option is not working properly. We will look into that, but in the meantime: if you experience problems, please report this to a library staff member, so we can act upon this immediately. In Randwyck, it would be nice if students could print documents in Universiteitssingel 40. We will check this and, if there is one already, will communicate this, and if not, we will pass this on to the responsible department (General and Technical Services). Students like the print-and-go stations in the library. Students suggested several options to add or replace copy/print machines or multifunctionals. At this moment there is a call for tenders, so we will have to wait and see who will be delivering the copy, print and scan services in the future. The suggestions will be taken into consideration.
  • Cleaning
    In the Inner City Library there is a pilot with extra cleaning hours and waste separation. We hope this will reduce the amount of waste – and the sticky keyboards 🙂 – and make students aware that they create but also can be a part of the solution in keeping the library clean. After the summer the house rules regarding food and drinks will be sharpened.
  • Peer Point
    Students are not aware of the fact that they cannot only get advice from library staff, but also from fellow students. This service is called Peer Point, for peer to peer advice.
  • Extra sockets
    During this summer, the library will install extra sockets in the Inner City Library so there will be ample opportunity to work with your mobile device.
  • LINK
    In Randwyck a FFWD concept will be built in LINK during the summer, so from September onwards, there will be an opportunity to get some coffee and food within a short distance from the library. LINK will also be revised and students gave us some input on what kind of study places they would prefer there.
  • Tool table: any ideas for a new facility?
    In the copy room in Randwyck (first floor) the library has set up a table where students can find scissors, a stapler and a perforator to work with. The library is planning to set up a similar facility in the Inner City Library. We are just looking for a name for this “tool table” and/or room. Any ideas?

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