Not yet familiar with searching in the PsycINFO database? Want to learn more about searching and some of the features of PsycINFO? 
The UM Online Library offers you a tutorial showing you the basic features of the PsycINFO database and search system.

PsycINFO contains over 4 million citations and abstracts of peer reviewed articles, book chapters and dissertations selected from more than 2,400 periodicals in 30 languages dedicated to behavioral science and mental health.

The PsycINFO tutorial is meant to show you the basics of some of the features of the PsycINFO database:

  • how to execute a simple search
  • how to locate articles that contain appended tests
  • how to use Thesaurus (preferred) terms
  • how to build a systematic search
  • how to manage your results and save your search strategies.

Open the PsycINFO tutorial, or visit the Skills & Support section for an overview of all tutorials.

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