Spotted: BM presents: the Green Office Recycle campaign

Published at YouTube on 23 May 2013

As of Friday, 12 April 2013 Maastricht University will introduce waste separation at the Inner City Library and set-up 28 waste bins which allow students and staff to dispose paper, plastic and residual waste separately. The project is a result of an initiative by General and Technical Services and Maastricht University Green Office and will serve as a pilot. After a successful pilot phase it is planned to introduce waste separation at all locations with a high traffic of students and staff.

Waste separation will allow Maastricht University to increase the share of recyclable waste such as paper and plastic and decrease the amount of residual waste. The pilot project is a result of Maastricht University’s Sustainability Policy 2012-2014 which was adopted by the Executive Board and contributes to the university’s goal to reduce, reuse and recycle 100% of its waste in the long run.

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