UM Library FAQ on COVID-19 effects

16 Dec 2020

The government’s measures of 14 December 2020 oblige us to close the libraries and learning spaces. An exception has been made for students who, for whatever reason, experience difficulty in studying from home, they can make use of a limited number of places in the Inner City Library or in the Tapijn Loods V Learning Spaces

If you have any questions on specific library services and support, please read our FAQs below. The list will be updated continuously. Other issues are welcome at Ask your Librarian.


This information is last updated on Monday 22 February 2021

General FAQs

Can I study at the library?

Until further notice, the libraries and learning spaces are closed. An exception is made for students who have problems with studying from home, students with a disability, with mental or physical problems, students who feel lonely, who are carers or parents or who do not have the right facilities to study from home. For these students, the Inner City Library and the Tapijn Loods V Learning Spaces will be open during the day, a limited number of places is available.

For the Inner City Library, you need to make a reservation using There is a new reservation system, make sure you read the rules and regulations first.

If you are not able to book a timeslot, please contact Ask your Librarian.



Can I borrow books?

It is possible to request books from both the collections and closed stacks of the Inner City and Randwyck Libraries.  Please contact Ask your Librarian if you urgently need a book, the pick-up point will be in the Inner City Library.

If you cannot come to Maastricht, you can request scans of chapters of a book, also via Ask your Librarian.  Please note that the number of pages we can scan for you is restricted to 50.

Can I use the printers?

The Print & Go service is available, using the printers in the hall of the Inner City Library. Ask the host at the entrance gates for directions.


What about Inter Library Loan (ILL)?

From 4 January, the full ILL service is back online. Use LibSearch to request books or articles from other libraries. Requested books will be placed on the Self Service shelves in the Inner City Library and can be picked up during opening hours, you will receive an email with instructions.

Questions? Please contact Ask your Librarian

Where can I return borrowed materials?

You can return your books in the book return box in the Inner City Library during opening hours. Books from the Randwyck library or ILL books can also be returned there. 

During the lockdown period, there will be no fines on borrowed materials.


How to reach online resources from home?

UM Library’s online resources can be reached from home. You have two options. In both options publishers will recognise you and give you the correct access as UM staff member or student:
1. Use the Library Access Browser Extension, a small tool in your browser
2. Use the links in the Online Library. You are asked to log in with your UM credentials.

Of course, the use of VPN (for staff) or Student Desktop Anywhere (SDA) also gives access to online resources, but by doing so you use scarce IT resources, which may be better used for other purposes in this corona crisis.

What about library workshops?
Where possible these will take place online. Please contact the coordinator of the team if you have questions about workshops from the library, via 
EndNote how to?

Given UM policy about internal meetings during the COVID-19 crisis all EndNote workshops have been cancelled until further notice.

For questions about reference- and citation management with EndNote please use our step-by-step e-learning module ‘Managing your citations and references’ or visit our EndNote support page for more information. If you have further questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via Ask your Librarian.

How do I obtain EndNote software for home use?

You can download EndNote software for home use via the ICTS Self Service portal by logging in with your UM credentials.

What online resources are available right now?

An overview of licensed materials is available via the Online Library. You can set your search to ‘online’ in LibSearch.  

Given the situation with COVID-19, many publishers are making their resources freely and temporarily available, i.e. for the coming weeks, months or for the remainder of the academic year. The library made a list of these resources, which we will update regularly as we find new resources.

We offer you more information on (open) online resources and ordering them for your courses.

In search for resources on COVID-19? Read how to tackle this!

FAQ for students

Who can I contact in case I need help?



FAQ for teachers

Are you busy in transforming your course to online and want to include scientific sources?

We offer you

  • to help select
  • check copyrights
  • add the information in the course.

Please mail to

Looking for information on online education?
  • What tools does Canvas offer for online education?
  • Who can help me make videos for my students?
  • How can I monitor and assess my students on distance?

Find all your questions answered on the dedicated website Online education at UM with all you could consider for your course.

FAQ for researchers

Where can I turn to for help?
The Research Support team of the library is working from home and available for questions and personal support during office hours. You can use the regular contact options or go to Ask your Librarian for all issues.

For an overview of all services and online guides and support, please visit the Library+ Research portal.


Library update


If you have questions on the impact of the coronavirus, please take a look at the

Last updated: 22/02/21

Additional information

We will keep you up-to-date on developments concerning library facilities and services through information/news on this website (UM Online Library, and our social media channels:

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