Using your own publications in education

Published on 28 Feb 2021

Being a researcher means that you will publish, as a lecturer you create material for your students. Maastricht University (UM) embraces the concepts of Open Access (OA) and Open Science. 

Open Access publishing

UM scientists who want to publish Open Access because of the greater reach for their article or because their publications will be better found and cited, often have to pay for OA publishing. A fee paid to the publisher to make an article free at point of access has been called APC (article processing charge).

Thanks to negotiations in recent years, university libraries have included OA in many licensing agreements with publishers. As a result, scientists employed by Dutch universities can publish OA in many so called ‘hybrid’ journals without paying APCs.

Visit the Open Access page of the Maastricht University Library for more information on this topic.

On top of readings, you will probably create other material for your students. Think of images or videos you use to illustrate what you tell or refer to in text format. Do you know how many pages of licensed resources you are permitted to use or how many images you may use in your PowerPoint presentations or course manual? Find out here.

Author: UM Library


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