What: an EdllogoEdLabab project
Period: January – February 2014
Scale: 2 teachers (FASoS) used Pinterest to have students build a virtual exhibition

In this year’s curation elective course for the Master of Arts and Heritage (Policy, Management & Education) ‘building a virtual exhibition’ was one of the student’s assignments. Course Instructors Emilie Sitzia and Vivian van Saaze wanted students to create an online exhibition on a topic of their own choice using social media tool Pinterest.

A specific lecture was given on online curating by independent researcher and curator Annet Dekker and an introduction about Pinterest by eLearning consultant and curator of Maastricht University’s Special Collections Odin Essers.

Assessment was based on writing an exhibition proposal, the virtual exhibition (consisting of a presentation, exhibition and an exhibition catalogue text) and participation. Our goal was to test and evaluate Pinterest as an educational tool and, depending on the outcome, advise teachers on how to implement Pinterest in their education.

You can find more about the participants and outcomes of the experiment on the Edlab website.

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