The University Library is looking for 3 enthusiastic students who can constitute the first Student Board at the Tapijn Learning Spaces.

These learning spaces are housed in ‘Loods V’, a temporary building at the Tapijnkazerne 3 that is on a list of buildings that will be replaced in 3-4 years’ time by a permanent, innovative, state-of-the-art and substantial new library building. The goal of these additional temporary learning spaces is to create an experimental learning environment where UM students feel challenged. The Tapijn Learning Spaces will include approx. 180 study places.

The Student Board will operate under supervision of the Maastricht University Library.

What tasks and responsibilities will you be engaged in as a Student Board member?

  • You manage the building and are responsible for the day-to-day business by:
    • monitoring the use of the building
    • monitoring the cleanliness
    • monitoring the reservations
    • setting up meetings on requests
    • recruiting volunteers for support during events
    • getting problems in the building solved (e.g. problems with the heating, printer, or furniture)
    • making schedules for your presence at the learning spaces
  • You are the ‘face’ fellow students can turn to with all kinds of questions, suggestions or complaints about the facilities
  • You are the library’s ‘eyes and ears’: responsible for the monitoring of the use of the learning spaces. Therefore you observe how the facilities are used, what students prefer, which popular spots and time slots there are etc. On a regular basis, you will be asked to do surveys and organise feedback meetings with users of the learning spaces
  • You stimulate and initiate experiments for the learning spaces in close co-operation with library staff and will be the link between the library and the users of the Tapijn Learning Spaces
  • You give suggestions for experiments on how the study environment can be improved. These experiments will give us input for ‘the library of the future’. Therefore you are able to create a strong link with EDlaB
  • You are responsible for in-house emergency shifts during your presence in ‘Loods V’

Condition of employment

  • You are studying at Maastricht University
  • You are available for 20-25 hours/week during the academic year 2015-2016
  • On behalf of the UM: you will have to get your BHV-diploma (certificate for in-house emergency response team)


The Members of the Student Board will receive an annual compensation of approx. 1.500 euro per person, which is similar to 4 months of ‘administrative months’. 

Additional information

If you are interested in developing your management skills, in learning how to manage a building, in learning how to be responsible for 180 study places, in learning how to stimulate and initiate innovative experiments to take place, and if you are a co-operative and communicative person with a strong believe in co-creation, you may be the right person for this job. We are looking for highly motivated students. Experience is not necessary. However, ideally we would like to work with a mixture of students with and without experience. 

Need more information?

Contact Mrs. Yvette Froeling (Manager Information Centre at Maastricht University Library) by telephone at: +31 6 46705535, or use the email address below to ask your question.  

Application and selection process

If you are interested in this job, we invite you to submit a letter containing motivation, contact details and your CV before 14 June 2015 to

Short-listed candidates will be invited for an interview in the week of 15 June 2015.


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