Would you like to do something meaningful for your academic career this summer? Are you interested in a three week trip to China, follow in the footsteps of 17th century Jesuits?

Maastricht University’s heritage consists of over 250.000 historical works that were acquired by the university when it was founded. Part of the collection are travel logs on China. Maastricht University Library invites you to experience contemporary China from an historical perspective. Within the programme of the 2016 lustrum year, Maastricht University is funding a trip for two students to China for three weeks. These two students will document their trip with a video blog, comparing their experiences with the travel logs of 17th century Dutch Jesuits in China.

For this we are looking for two engaged students with extensive social media skills, journalistic interest and a passion for heritage.

Apply now, and become a Summer Ambassador for Maastricht University in China!

What activities will you be engaged in as an ambassador of Maastricht University?

  • Create and maintain an online blog, posting regular updates before, during and after the trip
  • Write concepts for video blog entries and be either in front or behind the camera
  • Edit video footage
  • Interview locals
  • Travel through China for 3 weeks and share your experiences with the Maastricht community
  • Represent Maastricht University in China
  • Meet representatives of other universities and Chinese scholars in the field of heritage
  • Plan and help organise events before and after the trip to increase the awareness for the project
  • Study Kircher´s China Illustrata (1667), an encyclopedic work with depictions of Jesuits travelling in China in the 17th century

So, am I the right person for the trip?

If you can tick the boxes below, we´d love to hear from you.

I am registered at Maastricht University
My English is perfect and I have excellent communication skills (Chinese is a plus)
 I have an affinity with Special Collections and/or the cultural heritage field in general
 I have social media skills, both as an end user and administrator
 I like to think I´m sharp, smart, bright and full of initiative
 I have time to travel to China for three weeks in August, and am also available the two months before and after the project to help out with promotion events
 I have previous experience travelling on my own and like the challenge of exploring new cultures
 I have an interest in journalism and previous experience with conducting interviews
 I have previous experience with academic writing and would be willing to write/publish a paper about my experience

More information

This activity is sponsored by the Limburg University Fund and the Maastricht Academic Heritage Fund. For more information, contact the activity coordinator Carlijn Postma (c.postma@maastrichtuniversity.nl).

Application and selection process

You are invited to submit a detailed CV (not exceeding 2 pages), a recommendation letter of an academic staff member, contact details and a 2 minute motivation video before 15 May 2016 to Carlijn Postma (c.postma@maastrichtuniversity.nl). The video should show your passions, character and motivation to participate in the project. Please do not send us your video per email, instead you can upload it to Vimeo, YouTube or similar platforms.

Candidates will be invited for a personal interview in the first half of June.

Update 29 April: Information Evening On Expedition to China

Due to a large interest in the project “On expedition to China”, we will hold and information evening on Tuesday 3 May from 18.00 – 20.00.
This evening will be a walk in Q&A session. Please join us with your questions at the Parlour (Inner City Library).

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