Name alterations of institutions cause many problems for institutional bibliometric data retrieval and analysis. Recently, Web of Science solved this problem when the so-called ‘Organization-Enhanced’ index was introduced. In this index all known name variations of an organisation – known to that date – are linked to a single ‘preferred’ name, i.e. Maastricht University.

Linking units to the organisation

There are more than 280 name variations of Maastricht University indexed in the Web of Science citation database. These variations pose a major problem when collecting and counting published articles on an institutional level. Knowing that article and citation counts are, and will be, used to determine research impact and productivity for allocating funds etc., it makes sense that you as an author use the preferred name of your organisation in your publications. But, at least you can inform the publisher or your library contact to make sure that a new name variant (organisation, unit or author group) has to be associated with a known ‘preferred’ organisation in the Web of Science.
This ensures that articles containing new name variations will be retrieved and counted when a bibliometric analysis on an institutional level is performed.

For more information you may contact library information specialist Jos Franssen, E

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