‘Understanding Open Access: When, Why, & How to Make Your Work Openly Accessible’, prepared for Authors Alliance by Lexi Rubow et al., is a recently published guide that provides up-to-date help and useful information on Open Access (OA). 

Aim & contents
The guide to understanding OA addresses common questions. It provides real-life strategies and tools that authors can use to work with publishers, institutions, and funders to make their works more widely accessible to all. This primer on OA offers practical steps to make your work openly accessible; it is geared to the needs of authors working for academic institutions or under funding mandates. It is a free e-book and it will help you determine whether OA is right for you and your work.

This guide will help you

  • Learn more about OA and related options
  • Comply with an OA policy from an employer or funding agency
  • Select the terms on which you would like to make a work openly accessible
  • Publish a work with an OA publisher
  • Make a work openly accessible on a personal or group website
  • Deposit a work in an OA repository
  • Negotiate with a conventional publisher to make a work openly accessible
  • And much more

For a digital copy, go to: Understanding Open Access: When, Why, & How To Make Your Work Openly Accessible (Free, Full Text)


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