On Wednesday 3 February 2016, Dutch Universities and Wiley reached an unprecedented agreement in principle on Open Access (OA) and continued subscription access.

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) and scientific information provider Wiley have reached an agreement comprising access to the Wiley collection of approx 1400 scientific journals and the opportunity to publish articles OA in a set of journals, without additional costs for the researcher submitting the article. The agreement has a duration of 3 years.

Publishers policies to come

The details are currently being elaborated, including arrangements about when in 2016 the Willey scheme for OA will enter into force. However, it has already been agreed that this will not apply to articles retroactively. As soon as more information on the Wiley scheme is available, you will find this on our Open Access page, section 2: Where to find OA journals and publisher policies? There you will find answers to your questions about OA agreements with publishers. And a webform to contact OA consultant Coen van Laer.


Source: Q & A Open Access, VSNU 

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