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Data Search Support




Data search support for Maastricht University students and staff members.

Find out more about the availability of data licenced by the library or otherwise, and get support interpreting these data.




In a joint effort with faculty experts and data suppliers, the library supports you in the following ways:

  • Check out the Online Manuals we selected for you or enroll in a classroom training
  • Have your questions answered by the library, or redirected to an expert at the faculty or data supplier
  • Complex questions may result in one-to-one personal instruction sessions of 60 minutes max.



Online Manuals

Online Manuals

Overview of databases, manuals, tutorials, and video instructions related to your need for data. Select a database and find the manuals, when available, under the tab Guides.


Company & Industry Data
Country Statistics
Marketing & Product Data
Merger and Acquisition & Joint Venture Data
Social & Lifestyle Data
Health Data
Science Data
Patents & Trademarks


More info:

Follow this link for more detailed information about the contents of the financial and economic databases.

Instruction videos on data retrieval for master students SBE, made by Jeroen Derwall can be found here . Please note: these videos can not be viewed on tablets and smartphones!



FAQs – Check before you contact the support team

Can I get assistance in analysing data?
How can I combine data sets?
What type of data is available in what database?
Can I get a trial subscription for a database?
The data I need is nowhere to be found in the university databases. What now?
I need help with my searching/writing process. Who can help me?



Contact & Support

For questions or information about Data Search Support, use the web form below to contact our specialists.

Contact our Data Search Support specialists


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UM links are temporarily missing from Google Scholar

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