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Performers wanted | Spoken Word Museumnacht @Dominicanen

Spoken Word Maastricht is back again! If your intention for 2020 was to step out of your comfort zone, then this is your chance! We are looking for students who are in to bringing words a live and students with musical talent.

Google digitises 4,000 books for the Maastricht University Library

Last summer Google has digitised 4,000 books, as part of their Digitization Google Books NL project. From the Dutch books printed before 1900, so far 86% is now digitised in colour.

Promotional video Jesuit collection

In 1993, Maastricht University released a promotional video about the Jesuit collection. At the time, it was still a so-called audiovisual production, which was subsequently recorded on video. And digitised even later. However, its topicality has remained more or less the same. That is why we wish to draw your attention to this video once more.

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