Myths, legends and fairy tales

From dark worlds of the occult to twisted fairy tales. Discover some of the finest works of art ever created for children’s literature.

Travels into the unknown

Explore images from our travel treasures and see how we encountered the other in former times.

Pierre Kemp

One of the most fascinating loners in twentieth-century Dutch poetry. Letters, graphic work and a unique handwritten ’book of friends’.

Tot Maestricht

400 years of book printing in the city of Maastricht.

Picturing Europe

Travel guides that defined the ‘tourist gaze’: images of European cities and regions.

A storehouse of information

Look for interesting facts in our fully digitised magazines.

Things related to nature

Browse through extremely rare books related to Physics.


With our secular and religious song books.

Study of the soul

Check out our illustrations from interesting, important, and peculiar psychology related books.

On the fabric of the human body

An original piece of scholarship and a work of beauty by the man who virtually invented human anatomy: Andreas Vesalius

More to come

Top of the class

With these books the Jesuit school principals promoted competition among their students as part of their pedagogy.

Gems of the Special Collections

From the most unique to the downright wonderful. Our highlights.