We pursue sustainable collection care and warrant the quality of our collections through effective management and conservation. Conservation is critical to preserve our collections for everyone, now and in the future. By adopting a book today, your donation supports the restauration of a book that is in poor condition and helps us to preserve these treasures free and accessible to everyone, for research, education, inspiration and enjoyment.

Is our cause close to your heart?

Adopt and let us know what we can do for you. Play a part in the conservation of our unique, cultural heritage and receive:

  • an illustrated restoration report of the adopted book
  • an adoption certificate
  • a private, guided tour of our Special Collections
  • an invitation to our (online) ‘Friends of the Special Collections’ meetings
  • tax benefits as the gift is fully or partially deductible from your taxable income

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After restoration you can browse through the adopted book in ‘The Parlour’, our tastefully decorated reception room allowing visitors to read books from our Special Collections in peace and quiet.

Remember a loved one or celebrate a special occasion with a bespoke adoption.

Previously adopted

One of the books previously adopted is “De l’attaque et de la defense des places” by Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauban (1633-1707). De Vauban was the fortification engineer of the French Sun King Louis XIV and a master of military tactics. The 1673 Siege of Maastricht was one of Vauban’s great military successes. After the surrender of  Maastricht the strategist made plans to strengthen the fortifications on the St. Pietersberg and the Caberg. The adopted work consists of two parts (1737 and 1742) and contains beautiful images.

before and after restauration

Further information

For adoption procedures or more information about the Adopt-a-book initiative, please complete the form below to contact Mr. Odin L.M.J. Essers MA, curator of Maastricht University’s Special Collections.

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