Our services offer solutions for protecting sensitive materials or reading and sharing documents digitally from any workstation.

For an example see: Weekblad van het Regt.

What can the University Library do for you?

  • Scan documents of different sizes and types (letters, emails, memos, reports, bound volumes, pictures, maps and photographs) in full-colour or black and white of up to A2 size (up to 600dpi)
  • Scan in TIFF, JPG, PDF, PDF/A and other common file formats for different purposes, from displaying materials on a website to printing large-format posters
  • Produce searchable PDFs using the latest OCR technology (both monolingual and multilingual document recognition)
  • Add metadata to documents
  • Provide advice on sustainable storage and access methods

What is the University Library procedure?

The documents you would like to scan cannot be subject to copyright. The processing time varies depending on the quantity and quality of the documents you send us. The University Library will discuss the estimated delivery time with you in advance. We can also show you examples of our contributions to other research projects.

What does it cost?

Prices are based on an hourly rate (and a quotation) and depend on the quality and quantity of the documents you send us.


If you need more information or you want to send a request, please contact us via Ask Your Librarian.