FactSet amongst others contains real-time market data as well as company analytics.
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FactSet amongst others contains real-time market data as well as company analytics.

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FactSet is organised in a tab structure, which allows users to easily locate information. The main content is split up for:

  • Markets: Real-time market data on global equities, commodities, FX rates, and ETFs.
  • Quotes: View intraday quotes and trades for securities in your watch list or portfolio.
  • Charting: a Centralized platform to chart price, economic, company, and fixed income data.
  • Economics: Access over one million economic series and regional chart books.
  • Company Analytics (Public and Private): Analyse a company’s financials, estimates, debt, ownership, corporate governance, and more.
  • Fixed Income: Review a company’s debt capital structure or perform an individual security-level analysis.
  • Screening: Use financial and non-financial criteria to create your investable universe.
  • Portfolio Analytics: Run performance and attribution reports for your custom portfolios as well as analyze returns.

FactSet Base Fee – Academic includes access to the following:

  • Access to Real-Time News & Quotes
  • Corporate New Issues (debt & equity)
  • FactSet Aggregates
  • FactSet Corporate Governance
  • FactSet Economics
  • FactSet Events & Transcripts (CallStreet)
  • FactSet Fixed Income
  • FactSet Global Estimates (Consensus and Detail)
  • FactSet Global Filings (annual reports/ filings)
  • FactSet Global Filings (EDGAR + Prospectus)
  • FactSet Global Fundamentals (Balance Sheet, Income statements..etc)
  • FactSet Global M&A (Mergerstat)
  • FactSet Global Ownership (including Institutional Profiles)
  • FactSet Mergers
  • FactSet MS Office Productivity
  • FactSet Personalized Consulting Services
  • FactSet Platform
  • FactSet Private Company
  • FactSet Private Equity
  • Full Capital Structure and Credit Analysis
  • Global Consensus and Detail Estimates
  • Global Daily Stock and Bond Prices
  • Global Exchange Constituents (Current)
  • Global Fundamental Data
  • Global Institutional Ownership (Lionshares)
  • Global News (real-time)
  • Global Prices (15 min delayed by default).

Access information

  • Access is only possible for Maastricht University students and staff. Alumni access is not possible due to license restrictions.
  • Register for a FactSet account (by using your ….@student.maastrichtuniversity.nl email address) via this form.
  • You will receive a welcome mail from FactSet with personal login details via your ….@student.maastrichtuniversity.nl email address.
  • Also, check your spam mailbox of your ….@student.maastrichtuniversity.nl email address!
  • If you did not receive a welcome mail from FactSet (same day after registration), check first if you did use the correct email-address. Next you can contact support@factset.com.
  • SBE students can access FactSet via the Student Desktop. Once you have your account details, go to Start> All Programs (see picture).



The application is available on PC’s, TC’s in the University Library as well as anywhere else via Student Desktop Anywhere. Both the native interface as well as the Excel interface are available to you and data can directly be saved to your own I:-drive or USB stick.

Members of Staff and students of other faculties can access FactSet via https://www.factset.com  and log in. Information on downloading a workstation can be found in the Welcome mail from factSet.
To guarantee that you will be able to use FactSet Web without interruption, it is recommended to use browsers such as Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge (version 79+), or check the FactSet Compatibility Table to see the full list of recommended browsers.


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Guides & training

FactSet contains an elaborate built-in help functionality, containing an online assistant, indexed topics as well as Self Instruction Modules and the possibility to subscribe for webinars.



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