Maastricht University students and staff members, as well as MUMC+ staff members have off-campus access to protected services and resources licensed by the library, like databases, e-journals and e-books. For access to licensed sources, please use the Lean Library browser extension. Or access the sources via the library website.

Students can use software provided by the library at all study places in the University Library locations and UM learning spaces equipped with a computer. Students can also access all relevant software through Student Desktop Anywhere (SDA) to which they can connect from their own device anywhere provided an internet connection.


The software offered by the University Library can be divided into generic applications for all UM students and faculty-specific applications. Individual faculty members can request specific software for teaching. Such software can be made accessible for students of that particular faculty. This means that what exactly is available to individual students might change over time. 


Student Desktop (SD) and Student Desktop Anywhere (SDA)

The University uses Student Desktop (SD) / Student Desktop Anywhere (SDA) as a way of providing students with a Windows desktop environment with all-in-one access to the Online Library, I-drive, Office 2016, SPSS, Endnote and faculty specific applications without the need to install any software.

SD is available on all library computers.
You can access SDA remotely On and Off campus with your own device (web login).

Extra info:

  • For easy access, the SDA web login user manual  explains everything step by step.
  • For an even better experience (i.e. save files on your local device and the use of USB sticks) you have the option to install the Horizon client on a wide selection of operation systems; PC, MAC, IOS, ANDROID.
  • This services are only available to UM students.
Virtual Private Network (VPN) - for staff

The Maastricht University VPN – Virtual Private Network – connects your device safely to the university network. This is a service for UM staff working at remote locations.

After having installed and activated the VPN connection, your device will communicate with the Internet via the UM VPN server. Consequently, you can use your device as if you’re on campus.

If you are off campus you’ll need to log in with your UM-account in order to gain access to these manuals.The UM VPN is serviced by the ICT Service Center.

Follow this link to the ICTS manuals for more information.

Lean Library Browser Extension

When you browse and search the internet for articles, journals or databases you may find content licensed by us.

However, if you are not on campus or not connected to the campus network, the website you visit does not know and will not give you access to web pages or publications. Or worse, asks you to pay for access (paywall). In these cases, the Lean Library Browser Extension will automatically show you a notification and give you access to the licensed content offered by the library.

Go to the Lean Library Browser Extension service page for instructions and to download the extension.

Add direct library login to your browser or desktop

You can log in directly with your UM or azM account using the Library Login link.
This gives you access to all protected services and resources of UM Library for the duration of your browser session.

Read this article if you need further instructions.

Add the login link to your browser
For the best user experience, you can add this link to your browser: Library Login 

  • Chrome / Firefox
    Drag the Library Login link to the bookmark bar of your browser
  • Internet Explorer
    Right click on the Library Login button > Add to favorites > Create in Favorites Bar > Add
  • Dashboard shortcut
    Create your own shortcut on your dashboard using the link:
    This link will take you to the Online Library and checks your status on the go.


Direct login while using the Online Library
When you start at the UM Library homepage, or on another level via a direct link or a search and you are not logged in yet (or you don’t know), you have two options:

  • Click on the Library Login link on the top right. A login screen will appear if you’re not connected yet. By logging in you can access all the provided sources and services.
  • Just go ahead. There are several triggers that will activate the login screen if you are not connected. However, keep in mind that sometimes you will not pass a trigger point during your journey. This will result in limited access to full text.

Again, you only have to log in once and access will be granted during the rest of your browser session.

Access and accounts

Everyone planning to make use of library facilities -on site and online- will need to be aware of how to get access to the library locations and systems.