Students and staff members of Maastricht University, MUMC+ and AV-M have off-campus access to resources licensed by the University Library, like databases, e-journals and e-books, using one of the following methods.

Access via the Library website

Run a search using the main search box on the Resources page. Starting from the library website ensures you will not encounter a paywall for online resources already available to you through the library. You will be prompted to log in using your UM/MUMC+/AV-M account, before accessing a licensed online resource.

Note:  A small number of Maastricht University’s online resources are restricted by license agreements and cannot be accessed off-campus.

Lean Library browser extension

Add the Lean Library browser extension to your internet browser. It helps you gain access when you are browsing websites with resources you need access to. For more information, visit the Lean Library Browser Extension service page for instructions and to download the extension.

Student Desktop Anywhere (SDA) - for students only

Student Desktop Anywhere (SDA) provides UM students remote access to a Windows desktop environment without the need to install any software. SDA offers access to the Online Library, I-drive, Office 2016, and other software like Atlas.ti, Complete Anatomy, EndNote, SPSS, MATLAB, and R, as well as faculty-specific applications.

Available software in SDA

The available software in SDA can change over time and can be different per faculty. Check this list with software available in SDA

How to access SDA

There are two ways to access SDA: via a download or in your browser. Downloading the Vmware software will offer better performance.

1. Download Vmware software (Download VMware Horizon Client)

Instructions can be found in the manual below:

2. Access SDA via the browser (HTML access)

Instructions can be found in the manual below:

Help needed?

Consult the ICTS Service Portal

Virtual Private Network (VPN) - for staff only

The Maastricht University VPN – Virtual Private Network – connects your device safely to the university network. This is a service for UM staff working at remote locations.

After having installed and activated the VPN connection, your device will communicate with the Internet via the UM VPN server. Consequently, you can use your device as if you were on campus.

For more information, please check the ICTS manual. If you are off-campus, you will need to log in with your UM account in order to gain access to these manuals. The UM VPN is serviced by the ICT Service Centre.

Software for your own device

Some of the software offered in Student Desktop (Anywhere), is available as a free download for students and staff, from the software downloads menu on the ICTS Self-Service Portal.

SURF, the Dutch national organization for the support of higher education, offers more software for purchase, sometimes at reduced prices for students and staff of Dutch universities. Go to the SURF website for more information and to see what software is available.