Requesting a license

To use ReadSpeaker TextAid you will need a license, please contact Disability Support to request one. (Text-to-speech software > Support during digital exams > Request). To understand what ReadSpeaker TextAid is used for, please see the accessibility tools page. You can also visit their webpage to check out the functionalities TextAid has to offer.

Getting started

When you receive a personal user account, you can log in to the web portal of TextAid. In this portal, you can upload your documents to your personal library. You can read-aloud, annotate, or create your own documents with visible or audible help functions.

The easiest method to get to know TextAid is by simply using it. But if you would like some additional support you can visit their website where you will find a few videos to guide you. You can also check out the Quickstart Student Guide to acquaint yourself with the options.

Browser Plugin

In addition to the web portal, there are also browser plugins available to read aloud texts of webpages directly in your web browser. To install a browser plug-in, please visit the TextAid web portal and follow the instructions in the module “Web Reading”.


If you have any questions or feedback about using TextAid, please contact us at