Maastricht University owns a campus-wide license for Wooclap to help teachers and students have engaging on-site and online education. Wooclap offers a range of possibilities for feedback, voting, quizzing and engaging students in their learning activities.

What is Wooclap?

Wooclap is an Audience Response Tool (ART) that allows students and teachers to communicate during a lecture, a tutorial and other educational activities. With the help of quiz questions, word clouds, or brainstorm functions, teachers can check what their students already know, what they remember, and where things are unclear. As a result students can give real-time feedback to their educators and can stay present, active and engaged in learning activities. In addition Wooclap allows you to share the answers and results in real time. If used wisely, Wooclap can contribute to making on-site and online teaching a better experience for both, students and teachers.

Why use Wooclap?

Increasing interaction between teachers and students can

  • enhance student attention and involvement
  • improve long-term retention of learning materials,
  • identify gaps in knowledge, and
  • provide immediate feedback to your course

In addition to hand raising or using microphones, audience response tools provide a way to increase interaction during on-site lectures, allow engagement in case of online learning, and bring together those on- site and those online in case of hybrid teaching events.

How to access Wooclap?
  • Go to
  • Click ‘sign in with your institution’
  • Choose Maastricht University
  • Log in with your UM credentials
  • For help, check our manual or go to the Wooclap “Getting Started” website

Maastricht University Library regularly hosts demo-sessions on Wooclap, check the workshop programme here.

Videos on Wooclap

Watch this short introduction of how to create a Wooclap Event: