What is a VRE?

Research has become more and more interdisciplinary and goes beyond the boundaries of one’s institute. Virtual Research Environments (VRE) facilitate this evolution by combining filesharing, communication and collaboration in one tool. VREs facilitate online communication and sharing sources of information with integrated tools like wikis, blogs, shared calendars and discussion forums. Within a VRE, multiple collaborators from different institutions and locations can edit shared documents.

A VRE has a secured place on a UM server, so collaboration takes place in a secure environment, accessible anytime and anyplace, and is fully integrated with Microsoft.

The main functions included in the Maastricht University VRE are:

  • project web portal: create your own window for peers or anyone interested
  • project management and planning
  • storing and sharing documents & data: all possible formats of Microsoft documents, PDF, statistical data files, video formats
  • shared writing: writing simultaneously in the same document
  • document workflow and version management
  • tasklist / agenda / calendar
  • discussion pages / weblog
  • shared links
  • project portfolios

How to start a VRE for your project or research group

  • Contact a VRE specialist
  • The VRE specialist will send you an application form and schedule a meeting to build a VRE that meets your needs.
  • The library also supports your group after the VRE is in operation.



The ease of use

Secure environment