It partners with a wide range of scientific publishers to provide official journal LaTeX templates, and direct submission links. Staff and students of Maastricht University can set up a professional account using their institutional email address.

Benefits of the professional account: sharing your documents with an unlimited number of collaborators, integration with other tools (e.g. reference managers or GitHub), full document history, and real-time track changes.

User Information

Your Overleaf account

You can activate your professional Overleaf account by signing up at the Maastricht University resource portal and click on the “Log in through your institution button”.

New users can create an account by clicking on “Create new account”.

Existing users should click on “Log in and link”. If you used your Maastricht University email address for your existing account, go to the portal and select “link accounts” to join the Maastricht University license. If you used a personal email address, you’ll first need to add your Maastricht University email address to the account (following these steps) before linking accounts as outlined above.

To ensure continued access to your Overleaf account when you leave the UM, you should add a personal email address (or your new institutional email address) to your account. Before leaving, make this the primary email account of the Overleaf account. Unless a subscription is associated with your account, it will be on the “free plan”.


Using Overleaf and LaTeX

Overleaf provides a lot of resources to help you use LaTeX and Overleaf efficiently and effectively.

If you are new to LaTeX, the “Learn LaTeX in 30 minutes” guide takes you through all the essential basics. From here, you can continue with more in depth guides for specific aspects.

If you are new to Overleaf, the “Overleaf guides” explain all features of Overleaf, such as how to set up and share a document, use existing templates, track changes, etc.


Data privacy

Note that Overleaf must not be used to process or share confidential texts or data. In addition, be sure to always comply with the Maastricht University policy on data privacy: When in doubt, please contact your faculty data steward (employees) or your course coordinator (students).