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After the exam you will be given an opportunity to review your work and the feedback from your teacher. The goal of the review is not to improve your grade, but to give you feedback that will improve your knowledge of the exam topic and to give you insight in your study process.


Review your exam in TestVision

Your faculty will inform you of the time and location of the exam review. You may be able to review your exam at home on your own laptop, but the review may also be restricted to a short time window in one of the computer rooms at the university. Please contact your faculty for the exact procedure.

To review your exam in TestVision, you need to:

  • Log in to TestVision with your UM username and password
  • Choose ‘Show results’ in the main menu
  • Choose your exam from the list.



Any result or score that is shown in TestVision is a preliminary result and may change during the grading process. The final result of your exam will be published on the Student Portal within 15 working days.

When will the exam results be announced?

The exam results will be announced 15 working days after the exam date on Student Portal.

How can I give feedback on the exam?

Contact your faculty for more information. Some faculties offer the option to give feedback during the exam. Other faculties will schedule an exam inspection (review) a few days after the exam.

How can I review my answers?

Log in to TestVision, and instead of take exam, choose ‘show results’.

In most cases you will not be able to review your answers except during the exam inspection/review as announced by your faculty.

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