Checklist prior to your exam day

Check your internet connection

Remote exams require a stable internet connection. Your answers are saved continuously to the TestVision server, so a short disconnection is not disastrous. To check your speed, go to speedtest and select a Dutch server e.g. Amsterdam.

Check our Troubleshooting FAQ

It is always good to have a contingency plan. Spend a few minutes reading through our troubleshooting FAQ, so you’re unfazed in case of known errors during your remote exam.


Checklist on the exam day

Log on

To start, log in with your UM credentials. Your username is your student number, including the ‘i’ e.g. i1234567.


Check if your exam is visible

Click on “Take an exam”. The exam should be visible in the exam list 15 minutes before the exam starts. If the exam is unclickable this means it is taken at a different location.

Contact your faculty for help if the exam is not visible, or unclickable, so any problems may be resolved before the exam starts.

Check which requirements your faculty has set for the remote exam.


Take the exam

Start the exam by clicking the blue arrow on the right. Then, read the instruction page carefully and answer the exam questions. You can go back to the instruction page during the exam.


Solve an error message during your exam

If during your exam you receive an error message in TestVision, you will often be able to click on ‘OK’ and continue the exam. Your answers are saved continuously and will not be affected, and you can continue your exam. You can also check our troubleshooting FAQ for common issues.

If you want, you can notify your faculty exams coordinator and include in your message a description of the circumstances in which the message appeared, the error code in the message, and if possible, a screenshot of your fullscreen.

If you are not able to continue your exam, you should contact your faculty. See the course information for the telephone number.


Submit your exam

Submit your exam for grading by clicking ‘End Test’ at the bottom right of the screen. Once you submit the exam, you cannot go back to the questions. Your exam must be submitted to be included in the grading process.

If you need help, contact your faculty.


Log out

Before you leave, please log out of TestVision by clicking the exit icon on the TestVision home page.