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Next to practical help issues, such as ‘finding the right literature’, using ‘EndNote’ and ‘academic writing’, this portal also contains modules for self-reflection on personal issues, such as ‘stress’, ‘fear of failure’, ‘feedback’ and ‘procrastination’.

Getting started

Finding your way in academic writing

Starting to write a thesis is quite a challenge. Where to begin? How to choose a topic?

Faculties provide information about specific thesis requirements and offer guidance on several issues. The Thesis SupportAll provides additional basic information for bachelor and master students on how to get started.

Getting started takes time; if you face any difficulties while writing your thesis, it might be wise to check out the other items of the Thesis SupportAll.

If you get stuck in the process due to personal issues contact your student advisor or a student psychologist. For help in searching and writing contact the Writing Studio or Peer Point.

Personal Issues

Common non-writing-related issues

In recent years many books and manuals were published on the topic “how to write a thesis”; this shows that writing a thesis is a process with numerous learning related aspects.

You may have many content-related questions like; “where can I find the literature” or “what brings all of the data together”, but also personal concerns such as “will my work be good enough” or “how can I do this in such little time”. Also supervisors may have questions like “why can’t my student write an argument” or “why is this writing so tentative”.

The issues which are dealt with in this section of the thesis portal are related to personal concerns of students but the information given is also intended for supervisors. The topics may not only help students in reflecting on issues they seek answers for, but hopefully also bridge the gap between student and supervisor. If issues mentioned in this section are obstructing your thesis process, it is advisable to contact a student advisor as soon as possible.

Tips & articles about getting started
Tips & articles about personal issues


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