TOOL Anatomy platform

Until September 2021 Leo Koehler and Andreas Herrler from the faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences (FHML) participated in the TOOL Anatomy project in which several Dutch and Belgian universities collaborated in developing and/or opening up a significant amount of open anatomical learning materials and offering these on AnatomyTOOL for free use.

Libraries from these institutes supported the growing community of anatomists (co)creating, exchanging, using, sharing, reviewing and maintaining these open learning materials. All together it resulted in the Anatomy TOOL platform which makes it possible to implement these learning materials in regular education.

New anatomy project funded!

The anatomists succeeded again in having a project proposal rewarded in the 2022 Open & Online Education incentive scheme. Together with three other (Dutch) universities, the UM will focus on creating an open 3D model of human anatomy to help students understand the human body. Commercial 3D packages are extremely expensive and therefore not always available for courses. Worldwide, there is only one 3D model under an open (Creative Commons) license and that is why the anatomists (again) join forces in creating open accessible learning material.

This project is one of six projects focusing on the creation and sharing of open learning material. Next to these, seven proposals focusing on blended and online education (so in total 13 out of 31) have been selected for funding by the ministry.

Do you OER already?

Are you just as the anatomists looking for (free) extra or alternative resources for your courses? Take a look at the OER-website of the UM Library and find out about OER repositories we selected for you.

Or are you looking for ways to share your materials with colleagues within UM or beyond? Join us in the edusources project and start building a collection. You can start right away (login on the backend of edusources via SURF conext) or contact us for an intake.

The libray will also provide a workshop on Open Educational Resources – creating, sharing and reusing material during the UM Education Days: 1 June, session round 3 (15.00-16.30).

In this workshop, we will walk you through the process of finding suitable OER for your course and provide some guidelines to take into account when creating and sharing material yourselves. Topics we will address: repositories with useful open resources, information on copyright and licenses, making your material digital accessible for students with sensory or cognitive disabilities, platforms for sharing, good practices of UM colleagues. Bring your own laptop and material and let’s start sharing!

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