Explore the floors 

Step into the transformed Randwyck Library and experience a welcoming space designed to inspire learning and collaboration. Upon entering, you will find an inviting information lounge with a modern setup, featuring  an exhibition. This area also contains Peer Point’s location. 

The main floor showcases a brand-new anatomy room centered around Vesalius, encouraging interaction with anatomical models and supporting Maastricht University’s commitment to advancing scientific education. Tools like the Vesalius 3D system enhance student learning experiences.  

In addition, discover a well-being area on the main floor, designed for comfort and inspiration while highlighting the diverse career paths available through biomedical education. High tables and flexible chairs ensure a comfortable and ergonomic environment, while the open concentration spots are surrounded by vibrant greenery.  

Venture to the second floor to find numerous super focus rooms tailored for individual study and concentration, along with call booths. Meanwhile, the third floor is dedicated to collaboration, providing flexible spaces for group work, team discussions and social interaction with moveable desks and chairs. 


Above: Concentration study area on the first floor 


Artwork: ‘Angels and Demons II 

At the heart of the library stands the remarkable artwork created by Stefan Yordanov, a Bulgarian visual artist based in Amsterdam. His unique artwork often includes real biological shapes mixed with lights and cables, showing how anatomy and modern science connect. In the library, the piece ‘Angels and Demons II’, encourages people to think about how humans, science, and creativity are all related, making the library a place for exploring ideas and knowledge.  



In response to the faculty’s request, we are pleased to reopen the library on 10 June, offering study places to support students for the rest of this academic year. We invite everyone to see the incredible changes and utilise the study areas. Throughout the initial weeks of reopening, observation and hands-on experience will shape the final adjustments. 

Regarding the summer holiday, please be aware that Randwyck Library will be closed on certain weekends. Additionally, the usual three-week summer break will run from Monday, 22 July, until Sunday, 11 August. For the exact opening hours during this period, refer to the Randwyck opening hours 

In the meantime,  Endepolsdomein will continue to offer study places for UM students. However, please note that it will be closed during summer break. Kindly check the Endepolsdomein opening hours for further information. The study places in UM Sports Center (USC) will be open during the summer. Make sure to check the USC opening hours. 

Grand opening 

We are planning an official Randwyck Library grand opening after the summer break. More information for invited guests will follow soon.