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  • Inside the Randwyck Renovations: Meet the people behind the scenes

    In less than a month, the people who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to transform the Randwyck University Library will pack up and leave. Having transformed the outdated structure into a modernised library prepared for the future, they will move on to new projects and locations to work their magic elsewhere. But who are these people who laboured for 9 months behind closed doors to make this metamorphosis possible?

  • Meike Randwyck Renovation

    Leading UM’s Randwyck Library Renovation: Behind the Scenes with Meike

    She is already the mother of three young children – all boys! – but over the past 18 months it was almost as if she had a fourth baby to take care of. This proverbial baby was no ordinary baby, but a huge project – the renovation of UM’s Randwyck Library.

  • Randwyck Renovations

    Randwyck Renewal: Paving the Path to the Library of the Future

    A meeting place where people think together, work together, and socialise together. An open atmosphere that radiates tranquillity and stimulates thought. A place where everyone can feel at home. This is what students, researchers, teachers, and UM staff can look forward to when the Randwyck Library reopens its doors in 8 weeks after undergoing a complete metamorphosis.

  • renovations in the library

    Reopening on 10 June – get ready, as so are we!

    Although the renovations have been in full progress for a few months now, the changes may not have been very visual for some time. But since a few weeks, the transformation has become more visible, as the renewed library is taking on its form. Read on quickly as we unveil the transformations and new additions to the space in preparation for the reopening on 10 June.

  • FAQ

    Frequently asked questions answered

    During the renovations, things may be different from what you are used to, which can lead to some questions. Read on to discover the answers to the frequently asked questions.

  • building

    Endepolsdomein 150 opens today

    During the renovations, Endepolsdomein 150 is the temporary library location in the Randwyck area.

  • Renovation work in full progress

    As most of us enjoy a summer break, the renovation work in Randwyck Library is running at full speed. Read on to see a glimpse of the progress.

  • blue boxes

    The renovation of the Randwyck Library has started

    The renovation of the Randwyck Library is on its way! Right on schedule, the works started on Monday.

  • man being interviewed

    Sneak peek: this will be the renewed Randwyck Library

    It is finally here, the design for the renewed Randwyck Library! Curious to see what the renewed library will look like?

  • study places

    Counting down: four weeks to go

    In approximately four weeks, the renovation work in Randwyck Library will officially start. What is happening now and in a few weeks? Read on to find out.