Designing a renewed library look

The architect Luc Nooijen tells you about the renewed design, it’s aim and the process. Watch the video to see a glimpse of the design. 

Please note that some details in the design as shown in the video may differ from the end result. 


We would also like to remind you that on 15 July the library closes entirely. In the meantime, the study places in UM Sports centre remain open. On 28 August the third floor in Randwyck Library will re-open with 200 study places. The renovation will take up until the beginning of 2024. During the coming months, our location in Endepolsdomein (EPD) 150 will substitute for the Randwyck Library. In EPD150 you will find the library and ICTS services, PeerPoint, study places and (a part of) the collections. Other study places can be found in the Learning Spaces of UM Sports centre and Paul-Henri Spaaklaan 1.  

For an overview of the opening hours during summer, please see the previous rwk-renovation newsletter