Making scientific information available to students, teachers and researchers is at the core of the UM Library. The increasing use of digital collections calls for an integration of both print and digital collections in the renewed library setup. There are several reasons to look at the collection regularly and critically. Therefore, the library is working hard on reviewing the collections to ensure an up-to-date collection and, together with the faculties, consider the relevancy of the books. A workgroup takes a visionary approach to the collections. The workgroup: “We consider the renewed set-up of the collections, in which the aim is to present them in a logical, flexible and inviting way to a broad audience, and in connection to each other.” 

Preparing alternative study places

During the renovation period, alternative study places are available in the Endepolsdomein (EPD) 150 Learning Space. Of course, one of the requirements of study places is good Wi-Fi. Hence, our team worked on installing better quality Wi-Fi.  

The study places in the EPD 150 Learning Space will be re-arranged so that there will be a place for collaboration, concentration and group study. There will also be a dedicated place for the books needed for the first semester.  

The architect

As you know, the library will not only receive a new roof, but will also get a new look. The designer of the new look is Luc Nooijen from the company ‘Architecten aan de Maas’. The name might not ring a bell, but you may know the work of the architecture firm from UNS50 ground floor (below LINK) and the study places in UNS40, known for the big Hola sign.  

The new design in the library aims to create a calm and natural atmosphere. With renewed floors, walls and furnishings, the renewed library will be a modern space suitable for concentration and collaboration, but also innovative facilities and relaxation. Surely, the library will feel like a renewed location. However, you will still recognise some parts, as we will make sure to re-use materials to ensure a sustainable renovation. 

We will show you more when the design is final.