Temporary Library in Endepolsdomein (EPD) 

Looking for your study books? You will find the books from the learning and resource centre which are needed at the start of the academic year in Endepolsdomein 150. In this temporary library on the second floor of Endepolsdomein, you will also find the library service desk, the ICT desk, a printer and the lending machine.  

Make sure to check umlib.nl/hours for the latest information on locations and opening hours. 

A quick tour through EPD 

On the ground floor, you can meet, eat and study in the community area. This is the only place where food is allowed. Other than the community area, there are Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience (FPN) classrooms and offices. More FPN classrooms and offices, as well as study places, are on the first floor. On the second floor is where you find the temporary library with all the services mentioned above. If you are looking for a quiet study place, there is a silent study room on the second floor. The third floor offers multiple study places. In total, there are 500 study places available in EPD. You are invited to visit us, but if you want to take a sneak peek first, check out the locations page on our website to see the floor plans. 

The third floor in UNS50 remains open 

The Randwyck Library in Universiteitssingel 50 (UNS50) is not entirely closed. Study places on the third floor are available (entrance on the north side in UNS50). Please keep in mind that this location is open but with limited services and facilities, and there may be noise nuisance due to the renovation work. 

UM Sports Learning Space 

If you are looking for an alternative location, keep in mind that the library has a Learning Space in UM Sports Centre, only an 8-minute walk away from UNS50. Before the summer, the study rooms in the UM Sports Centre were renovated. They are now inspiring rooms for collaboration or individual studying, and each room has a different look and feel, in line with the character of UM Sports.  

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Curious about the design of the renewed Randwyck Library? 

For a previous newsletter, we interviewed the architect who made the design. Watch the video or step by UNS50 where a sneak peek of the design is presented on location.  

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