The roof 

The renovation work started with installing a new roof. In the meantime, the left side has been replaced with new glass roof tiles. In the pictures below, you can see that the left side has been replaced, and the right side is currently under construction. 



As the books have been removed into storage, the bookcases are wrapped for protection.  

If you still need to borrow a book from the Randwyck collection, please contact us via our Ask your librarian service. We will have the book ready for you to pick up within two days.


Meanwhile, Endepolsdomein 150 (EPD) is ready to welcome you. For the last few weeks, our colleagues have been working hard to create a temporary library, study places and installing WiFi. EPD opens on 28 August, where you will find the library service desk, as well as the ICT desk.  In the temporary library the books from the learning and resource centre which are needed at the start of the academic year in September are ready for use. See the pictures below for an impression of the temporary library in EPD. 

Other locations 

If you need a place to study during the summer, you can go to the University Sports Centre, or the Inner City Library. Both locations will remain open during the summer months. Please check the opening hours on our website.