The decision to enhance our subscription was made by the Library Committee of the Faculty of Law. This expansion now grants us access to the legal resource known as the Oxford Encyclopedia of EU Law (OEEUL). This encyclopedia offers an in-depth analysis of European Union law. The articles within the OEEUL delve into a carefully selected range of subjects, aiming to provide the most comprehensive coverage of the essence, character, development, and historical context of European Union law.


OEEUL provides encyclopedia entries written by experts in multiple fields and working in prestigious academic institutions all over Europe. These articles offer highly specialised and multi-faceted analyses of European law, focusing on a specific array of subjects. Among the topics covered are EU citizenship, common commercial policy, competition law, consumer protection, data protection, Economic and Monetary Union, energy, environment, European integration, general principles, health, institutions, internal market, judicial protection, social policy, supporting policies, transportation, and the values of the European Union.

The articles serve as a valuable information repository for those seeking concise historical context within the realm of EU law. They also offer insights into current trends, ongoing developments, and reflective conclusions. Each entry concludes by providing references to significant bibliographies and official EU documents relevant to the section.

OEEUL is seamlessly integrated into the Oxford Public International Law platform, which also provides access to the library’s subscription to:

All these databases are cross-searchable, fully searchable, and browsable by subject matter, title, and author, and fully integrated with the Oxford Law Citator to provide additional research options. By using the Oxford Law Citator it allows you to seamlessly follow citations and explore links to content not only from Oxford University Press but also from carefully curated third-party websites.


The databases can be consulted via our overview of available databases in the Online Library among other databases.

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OEEUL – Oxford Encyclopedia of EU Law


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