Bureau van Dijk, the producer of Zephyr, offers a new dataset to replace Zephyr. Orbis M&A contains 2.3 million deals and rumors, pre-deal, post-deal, and future-deal multiples and financials, integrated financial data, source data, global M&A content, global coverage – including emerging markets, dedicated coverage for IPOs, capital markets and private equity and extensive corporate structure.

You can export your research to use in all common formats for your presentations and reports. Orbis M&A provides a sophisticated alert system, so you can watch rumors and deals as they move through the completion process and get deal intelligence sent directly to your inbox. You can set up alerts on sectors you are interested in, types of transaction, companies, or advisors.

Follow this link for access via the online library or use this link to go directly to Orbis M&A. Be sure to be logged onto the UM network for access.

Orbis M&A is also listed in our overview of available databases in the Online Library among other databases.

Please note that access to the database is limited due to a maximum of 8 simultaneous users. If you are not getting access to the database, try again at a later moment.
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