About the community

The Maastricht RDM Expert community is recently (2020) established as a platform for those engaged in activities related to FAIR (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable and Reusable)-RDM. Since the start, many RDM colleagues have shared their experiences, given presentations on services and tools they have developed and discussed challenges and opportunities for RDM support. Examples of topics that were presented are Ldot, a tool from MEMIC for research workflow management; the Maastricht Data Repository from DataHub; the Data Science Research Infrastructure and several RDM cases from data stewards. After a series of online meetings during the pandemic, this summer we finally met in person for an interesting lunch meeting. Ad Notten (information specialist and researcher at UNU-MERIT) talked about RDM practices at UNU-MERIT and Pedro Hernández Serrano (faculty data steward at FSE) gave a presentation about the eScience Center Fellowship awarded for his project “Standardising FAIR assessment through a web browser extension”. In the upcoming academic year, the community hopes to meet face to face again with interesting discussions and presentations on new RDM topics. Next to this, we will work collaboratively towards optimising of existing services/products and developing new ones.

Do not hesitate to contact us at rdm-services@maastrichtuniversity.nl if you want to join, learn more about the community or if you have interesting ideas for RDM services and products that we can develop.