Key Points
  • cOAlition S is an international consortium of 28 research funding and performing organisations committed to ensuring full and immediate Open Access to research publications.
  • In 2023, cOAlition S launched “Towards responsible publishing”, their vision for a community-based scholarly communication system.
  • cOAlition S is seeking academic feedback on their Responsible Publishing proposal.


The cOAlition S proposal

cOAlition S, an international group of 28 research funders working together to promote open approaches to scientific publishing, has recently introduced its “Towards Responsible Publishing” [PDF] proposal.

This proposal envisages a community-based publishing system that will empower scholars to openly share their research and engage with innovative quality control and evaluation standards, thus promoting rapid and transparent dissemination of rigorous scientific knowledge.

Your feedback

Your perspective is crucial in shaping the direction of this proposal.

The current survey offers a platform for you to express your views about the ideas presented in the proposal and influence its further development, ensuring it resonates with the needs and aspirations of the research community.

Participation and estimated time

Completing the survey is expected to take around 10 minutes. Your participation is voluntary; you can opt-out anytime without negative consequences. The deadline for participation is 22 April 2024.

Send your feedback to cOAlition S

Completing the survey is expected to take around 10 minutes. Deadline: 22 April.

Closing Remarks and more information

cOAlition S played an essential role in the current Open Access publishing landscape. The developments initially focused on flipping subscription journals (with open access options, the so-called hybrid journals) to full OA journals.

While the plan to make access to scientific publications accessible to all is booming – we are heading towards 100% OA in the Netherlands – there is also a downside to the original approach: the APCs charged by commercial publishers create a barrier for scientists to publish, especially for researchers without funding and those in less affluent countries. This means that besides content and quality, the means to pay the APC becomes a significant criterion for scientific publishing. And that isn’t good for inclusiveness and transparency in science.

The traditional publishing model and the use of article APCs also need to be revised for the sustainable development of academic publishing. Fortunately, the funders under cOAlition S are taking steps in that direction, as is happening through the Diamond Open Access project in the Netherlands.

Ron Aardening, Scholarly Communication & Publishing Officer

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