Wooclap license

In addition to hand raising or using microphones, audience response tools provide a way to increase interaction during on-site lectures, allow engagement in case of online learning, and bring together those on- site and those online in case of hybrid teaching events. Maastricht University has a campus wide license for the Wooclap audience response tool, allowing you to ask interactive questions in your educational activities. Wooclap can make your courses more dynamic by facilitating participation and interaction. You can also identify gaps in knowledge and provide immediate feedback to your course.

Training sessions

In order to help you start using Wooclap in your teaching, we organise two interactive online training sessions at the beginning of the academic year 2022/23.

Upcoming sessions will take place on:

After attending this introduction to Wooclap, you know how to:

  • Use Wooclap to make your lectures (on-site and on-line) more interactive
  • Personalise your settings in Wooclap
  • Create asynchronous quizzes with Wooclap