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General  Canvas questions

Are messages sent by to be trusted?

Yes, is the address Canvas uses to send messages, e.g. notifications.

How can I set my notification preferences?

General notifications can be set in your Account, in the global menu on the left. Furthermore settings can be adjusted for each individual course. On the course homepage is a button Course Notifications in the upper right corner.

Why do I no longer receive notification emails from Canvas?

Some users stop receiving notification emails from Canvas. If this is the case please check your notification settings (Account>Notifications). If you think you should still receive emails according to your settings please contact your faculty support and the problem will be resolved.

How can I organise my dashboard?

On your dashboard your favorite courses will be visible. You can mark a course as favorite by opening Courses in the global menu on the left. Then select All courses at the bottom of the list. Click on the star before the name of a course to (un)favorite it. When the star is orange the course appears on your dashboard. See this video.

Can students use the plagiarism tool to check their own paper or thesis?

No, the plagiarism tool (as of 1-9-2023 Turnitin Originality)  can only be used in assignments and therefore it cannot be used by students.

Does Canvas have a search function?

Atomic Search is a Canvas add-on that lets you search the full text of Canvas course content. For more information see the manual.

Access to Canvas

How can I access Canvas?

You can access Canvas through Student Portal > My Courses. Select the course you want to access and click on Course Details. The course will open in Canvas in a separate tab. You can navigate in Canvas or go back to Student Portal.

It is also possible to access Canvas directly or use the app.

How long will old courses in EleUM be accessible?

EleUM will remain accessible until at least end 2022 as an archive system; both teachers and students still have access to Blackboard but only to access and download material. No new material can be added to Blackboard.

Canvas in Courses

Where can I find my grades?

All official final grades are published in Student Portal. In Canvas grades for assignments may be published by your teacher. To see these go to Grades in the course menu.

Where can I find feedback from my teacher or tutor?

To see feedback from your teacher or tutor on an assignment, go to the assignment. You can see the grade and comments there. Comments can also be placed in the document itself. Select Submission details end then View feedback.

Where can I find my Zoom links?

For Zoom links for the whole course the appropriate location is under Zoom in de course menu. Teachers/tutors might use other locations such as announcements or in modules.


Where can I find my groups?

In the global navigation bar is an option Groups, here you will see an overview of all your groups which might be rather long. On the Home page of  each individual course you will find an overview of your groups in that course.

Where can I find my group Zoom link?

Go to your group and select Collaborations, then click on the button +Collaboration in the upper right corner. Your tutor may use another location for a link for your tutorial.