Note that during the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, all exams will take place online for the remainder of the academic year.

If you get stuck during your exam, you can call the Helpdesk Online Exams:
 +31 43 388 2900
Open in exam weeks, from 8:00 – 17:00h

Please read the FAQ for online exams during COVID-19 for up-to-date information.


1.Account and registration #

My UM account is not working, I cannot log in to the Student Portal

Only for students who are registered for a digital exam.
Check your account status or contact the ICTS Service Desk for help.

My UM account is working, but I cannot log in to TestVision

Contact your faculty Exams Coordinator for support.

How can I tell that I am registered for my exam?

You are registered if your exam shows up in My Courses in the Student Portal.
Contact your faculty for further information and support

Last updated on Friday 18 October 2019

2.Chromebooks – hardware #

Can I take the exam on my own laptop/device?

No, you must use the hardware that is provided.

Can I use another keyboard layout than QWERTY?

No, the keyboard layout on the Chromebooks is not adjustable.


Why do you only provide QWERTY keyboards?

It is not possible to provide customised hardware at this scale. UM has chosen to adhere to the QWERTY layout as it is both the Dutch as well as the international standard.


Will I need headphones for my exam?

At this time, any video that is offered in an exam will be without sound.

What happens if my computer breaks down?

Your answers are saved continuously in the background. Once the problems with your computer have been resolved (for example, you might be given a different computer) you can continue where you left off. As a rule you will be given extra time to compensate for the delay.

Last updated on Tuesday 12 November 2019

3.TestVision – software #

Can I zoom in on the text?

You can use the CTRL + = and CTRL + – to zoom in and out (page zoom).

What happens if I refresh the browser during the exam?

Your answers are saved continuously in the background. After a refresh or even a complete reboot you can continue working where you left off, as long as the exam was not submitted (‘Ready’).


What does the ‘submit answer’ button mean?

The submit answer button is part of the text editor for open-ended questions. Your answers will also be saved as you type, and you can go back and change your answer after you submit it. You cannot go to the next question without submitting your answer.


The exam closed automatically while I was typing. Did I lose the text I was typing?

The exam will close automatically at the end of the allowed exam duration. Your typing up to the moment of closing will be saved as well, even if you did not submit your answer via the ‘Submit Answer’ button.

Last updated on Tuesday 12 November 2019

4.Exam procedures #

Can I bring food and drinks to the exam?

You are allowed to bring a bottle of water and a small snack. To protect the Chromebooks we ask you to bring no more food than necessary, and to refrain from bringing any sticky foods (such as bananas).

My UMcard is lost/stolen. What should I do?

You should apply for a new UMcard. The new UMcard will be ready the next working day.
A passport or other valid legal ID will also be accepted as identification at exams.

I finished my exam, what do I do?

Please log out of TestVision and out of the Chromebook, and signal the invigilator that you are ready.

Last updated on Tuesday 8 October 2019

5.Exam inspection / review #

When will the exam results be announced?

The exam results will be announced 15 working days after the exam date on the Student Portal.

How can I give feedback on the exam?

Contact your faculty for more information. Some faculties offer the option to give feedback during the exam. Other faculties will schedule an extra inspection moment a few days after the exam. At most faculties, you will be able to give feedback in TestVision during the exam review.

How can I review my answers?

Log in to TestVision, and instead of take exam, choose ‘show results’.
In most cases, you will not be able to review your answers except during the exam inspection/review as announced by your faculty.

When is the exam inspection?

Contact your faculty for the procedures and scheduling of the exam inspection/review.

Last updated on Tuesday 12 November 2019

6.Special Arrangements #

I have an arrangement to take my exam on a computer, do I need to go to MECC Maastricht now?

If you are entitled to extra time you will still take your exam at the faculty.
Contact your faculty for more information.

I have a disability or condition for which I need special arrangements. How do I apply?

Please contact Disability Support for more information. Note that both the application process and organising the arrangement itself may take some time, so file your application as early as possible.

Last updated on Tuesday 12 November 2019
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