Maastricht University (UM) and Maastricht UMC (MUMC) scholars receive a 100% discount on the article processing charges (APC) when they publish OA in a large selection of Emerald Publishing Group journals. The Emerald Publishing Group and the Universities of The Netherlands (UNL) agreement allows affiliated authors to publish up to 101 OA articles per year without APC.

APC coverage is temporarily suspended when we reach the quota

During the deal’s suspension, you can still choose to publish open access, but you will have to arrange the APC payment with your research project or faculty. Publishing costs are considered research costs. At Maastricht University, we have no central APC budget. You will still receive a 10% discount on the APC.

Alternatively, after we reach the cap, you can publish your article with a subscription license (no APC, Paywall) and use Taverne to make your article OA after publication.

Should your public research funder (e.g. NWO or Horizon Europe) require you to share your publications immediately (no embargo) and under an open access license, then note that the coverage of publishing costs is included in the research funding, so settling the APC with the research budget is then apparent.

Taverne amendment

UM/MUMC authors can make paywalled articles OA via Pure, only six months after publication and without an open license. You don’t have to do anything yourselves. Maastricht University Library will open up all qualifying publications via Pure after you sign up (opt-in) for the service.

This service is possible thanks to Article 25fa of the Dutch Copyright Act (also known as the Taverne amendment).

New: Open Access Intranet Group

To stay informed about Emerald and other publisher deals, UM employees can join the new Open Access (OA) & Open Educational Resources (OER) group in the UM Intranet. We will notify you about publisher deals and discuss the latest OA publishing and scholarly communication topics.

If you do not have access to the UM staff intranet or want to stay updated about Open Access publishing and our publisher deals via email, please subscribe to our Open Access update (see subscriptions box).

More information

If you wish to discuss your options or have questions about Open Access deals, contact an expert via Ask Your Librarian. Or leave a comment at the bottom of this message.