Taxes Crossing Borders (and Tax Professors Too)

On Friday, 14 October, the print version of our first OA book, the liber amicorum Taxes Crossing Borders (and Tax Professors Too), was presented to Professor Dr Rainer Prokisch on his retirement from the chair of International Tax Law by Prof. Dr Raymond Luja.

On our website, readers can download and order a print version of the book. In addition to the published version of the book, which will be available for loan at the library, the chapters can be consulted individually and exported in different formats via our online publication platform.

And needless to say, the book and the individual chapters have persistent identifiers, and the book and chapters are available via Maastricht University Research Information, LibSearsch (Worldcat), and various indexes and search engines, such as Google Scholar, Google Search, Crossref and Unpaywall.

Maastricht University Press

The launch of Taxes Crossing Borders also marks the start of the library-led Maastricht University Press. First, as a two-year pilot project, we aim to grow into a full-service University Press according to the new Open Science requirements.

Maastricht University Press tries to accelerate 100% Open Access in scholarly book publishing as part of the Open Science policy of Maastricht University by making sound quality academic and educational books affordable for writers and their audiences. We want to establish ourselves as a Diamond Open Access publisher of scholarly output.

During the pilot, we will limit ourselves to monographs, special editions and open textbooks. But if the pilot is successful, we will expand to other types of scholarly output, such as journals, series, proceedings, and dissertations.

The ‘Diamond’ label means that the press offers OA publications free of charge to both authors and readers. Subsequently, offering readers digital versions in all possible formats (epub, Mobi, PDF, XML) and an affordable print-on-demand option.

Maastricht University OA Book Fund

In addition to Maastricht University Press, we have also set up a fund (also a pilot) for scholars who want to publish their OA book with another publisher. They can apply for funding via our OA Book Fund web page.

Your next book through Maastricht University Press?

Two new books are in preparation, and we are in talks with lecturers about starting two open textbooks.

If you are planning to write a book or edited work or are already on your way. Or think about an open-access textbook that students can use for free or order as a print version for a few euros. Then contact us via

We look forward to working with you on our next book project.

Ron Aardening
Scholarly Communication and Publishing

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