In the Historical Book Review elective of the Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience students are taught how to write a historical book review article for Wikipedia on original, strange, or unusual psychology (related) books from the Special Collections that were published before 1920. At the beginning of this month the students finished their Wikipedia articles and these are available. Consult the articles now:



My chosen book “Psychologie und Schule“ by Otto Lipmann, published in 1920, deals with the topic of psychology and its use in the school environment. Lipmann teaches his readers about the progress of modern psychology during that time and it was very interesting to observe how relevant his thoughts are still today and how some of his ideas already got implemented in the school context nowadays. I enjoyed the research process and finding out more about the history of the book as well as the author and slowly starting to put the pieces of the puzzle together.

Eva Birke, BA Psychology student

At Maastricht University’s Library in Randwyck the old books used in this course block are now exhibited in vitrines.



Research-based learning and use of primary sources benefits students

The Historical Book Review elective consists of six class meetings, during which the students learn to search and analyse historical information sources, communicate academic knowledge to a public audience, practise encyclopedia-style writing, and reference and cite literary sources. Working with primary sources, an increased readership and feeling a certain responsibility for ‘their’ entry, inspire student motivation. It also creates an understanding of the importance of open access and valorization. Find out more on using primary sources in education.


Our collaboration with Wikimedia NL is a fine example of how we advance education. By writing a Wikipedia article, students practice referencing, citing sources and writing from a neutral point of view. Did you know that we are the most active university in the Wikipedia Benelux Education Program? Read this blogpost on Wikipedia education at Maastricht University.

Usable collection

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