More bookable hours to study at the library

28 Apr 2021

In order to meet the increasing demand for more study hours, the University Library has decided to expand the number of bookable hours. Instead of a weekly hour credit of 24 hours, students can now book study places for a maximum of 40 hours per week.

You can place a maximum of two bookings per day, up to 5 hours per booking. This means that you can now study up to 10 hours per day at the library.

This change applies to all study places that can be booked via the library’s online booking system: the Inner City Library, Randwyck Library, and the study facilities at SBE and FASoS. An overview of all studyplaces can be found via

We are closely monitoring the demand for study places and the occupancy rates. If it turns out that the demand increases during the XXL-period from 15 May until 10 June, the weekly hour credit can change. That way, we are able to provide all students who need it, the opportunity to study at one of our locations.

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Last updated: 17/05/21