The evaluation of research quality and impact have changed recently. This happened at the UM, but also (inter)nationally. This means that different information is requested when applying for grants, prizes and awards. Teams and individuals are evaluated based on narratives, assessment criteria and indicators that meet their personal – or team – goals and strategies. There is room for diversity in talents and points of focus: education, patient care, leadership, societal impact and research. Practically this will mean that every team and every individual will tell their own story. Flexibility in the use of different indicators is important.

Pure, our CRIS, offers a solution: through registration of publications, datasets and activities all relevant information for a researcher or team is collected in one place. When output is registered in the CRIS, quality checks are done by key users that make sure all relevant metadata is added to a registration. This metadata is essential for links with other databases that can give insight into the Open Access status of publications, relevance of the output for others, how and by whom it is used, cited or mentioned, to map collaborations and more. The PlumX and Altmetric extensions within Pure already give you some insight, but more is possible using other databases.

An Excel download of your registrations with relevant metadata would be ideal to collect more information about them. You can contact your Pure key user to retrieve one. Please note that this export is as complete as possible based on your registrations in Pure. The Pure key user is also your point of contact when things are missing from this list.

For more information on how to collect the relevant information for your grant proposal, assessment or promotion using other databases we refer you to our Research Intelligence Services.