Peer Point – Your Guide to Writing and Research

Peer Point provides free research assistance to students studying at Maastricht University. Peer Point is staffed by students trained at responding critically and constructively to the work of their peers. Our mission is to help you improve your research skills.

Who or what is Peer Point?
How can Peer Point help you?
How can you get in touch with Peer Point?
What are Peer Point’s opening hours and where are we located?
What kind of help could you expect from us?
What kind of help could you not expect from us?
Is there a difference between getting assistance through Skype or email and getting assistance in person?
Do you have to have a finished assignment, paper or thesis before getting in touch with Peer Point?
Will your professor know that you made use of Peer Point for your assignment, paper or thesis?

Contact & Support

For questions or information, use the web form to contact a library specialist.


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