For support in using the databases, check the manuals for the specific databases.

Other kinds of support are offered via data search support, and EndNote support. Or ask a question via Ask Your Librarian. Students can contact Peer Point for help.

Overview of available workshops and courses

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Introduction to Circular Science by making your data FAIR

Get basic theoretical knowledge about what is FAIR and how and if it could be applied to all scientific disciplines. Read More
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Introduction to literature searching and writing

The mission of PeerPoint is to help you improve your research skills and this workshop is a first step at doing so. Read More
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Introduction to TestVision Workshop

In this workshop the University Library support team will get you started with TestVision. Read More
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Master Thesis SBE – Library workshop

Course on how to search for books and (online) journal articles in the fields of business and economics that are relevant to your thesis. Read More
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Search strategies for Systematic & Scoping Reviews

During this workshop we will discuss the requirements a search strategy for a systematic or scoping review should meet and how you can develop a Read More
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Staying up to date in your research area

If you are unfamiliar with automated alerts services this 1 hour lecture and demo may save you a lot time and energy in staying up Read More
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Web of Science workshop / hands-on training

During this workshop Web of Science you will learn some basic tips and tricks on how to use this database during your research. Read More
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What journal to publish in?

In this workshop, criteria are discussed which influence an author’s journal choice, and some tools that could be of help. There is plenty of time Read More
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Wooclap for more interactive and engaging educational events

Learn how to use the audience response tool Wooclap to make your lectures and other educational activities more interactive. Read More