Guidelines for open and inclusive course material

Guidelines for open and inclusive course material

28 Feb 2021

When creating course material, you will probably think of making it accessible for a broad audience. You will consider the language, your audience and level you are developing for. But are you aware of how to make your material as digital accessible as possible?

How digital accessible is your course?

Creating material (coursebooks, powerpoint-presentations, videos, PDFs, etc) is something we do on a daily basis. To enhance accessibility of documents – not only for vision impaired students, but actually for everyone – try to make sure your material complies with the WCAG2 Accessibility standard for web content accessibility guidelines. We introduce you to some easy to adopt directives.

These guidelines will be added and updated on a regular basis. Because awareness of digital accessibility is currently on people’s agenda and especially on the systems-side there will be adaptations coming up. So some tips will soon be outdated. If you know of better options or are willing to share your tips and tricks: please do!

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