What is the DIY Podcast Studio and what can I do there?

On the first floor of the Inner City Library, you can find the DIY Podcast Studio. The room has two main purposes, and can be booked for each separately:

Podcast recording
A podcast is a digital audio recording that is used to discuss one or more particular topics. A host holds a monologue, leads a discussion with other participants, or conducts an interview on this topic, in order to give in-depth information or opinions. The DIY Podcast Studio provides you with four professional microphones and a mixing panel, ready to use on the table with seating arrangements for up to four participants. The manual is available and with a few easy steps, you are on your way to record your podcast!

Audio/video editing
From mid-January 2023, the studio will facilitate editing with two computers: one with video editing software (OpenShot and Adobe Premiere Pro), and one with audio editing software (Audacity). At the moment, only the computer with Audacity is available as we experienced a delay in the delivery of the second one. We will also provide headphones so you can focus on your audio while editing. Basic manuals and links to instruction videos are available to get you started.

How to prepare for using the Studio?

The instructions below help you prepare for your session at the DIY Podcast Studio to make the most out of your booked time slot.

Recording a podcast:

  • Know what you want to talk about
  • Invite the speaker(s) you want to work with
  • Bring a laptop so you can transfer the audio to your personal device when you are done.
  • Find the podcast preparation manual under the tab “Audio production manuals” on this page,.

Editing audio/video:

  • Bring the material you want to edit with you on a USB-drive or hard-drive.
  • Make a plan for your edit. Collect extra resources (images, music, video) beforehand if possible, to make the editing go quicker.
  • Click on the toggle “Manuals” to find tips en instructions on how to edit your audio/video. Links to extra manuals and videos are included as well.
How to book the studio?

You can book the DIY Podcast Studio through the UM Resource Booker. Go to Inner City Library: Special Facilities, and select the DIY Podcast & Editing Studio.

You can book the DIY Podcast Studio maximum three weeks in advance. At the start of your chosen time slot, pick up the key and the supply box at the Library Information Desk. They will also explain where you need to go.

For staff/teachers only: if you want to book the DIY Podcast Studio more than three weeks in advance, you can send your request to reservations-ub@maastrichtuniversity.nl. Make sure to include the date, time you want to book the studio for, and your name.

Note: if you want to invite guests from outside the UM community to take part in your podcast, please request permission by sending us a message. Then we can make sure to inform the reception desk of their arrival. A guest must always be accompanied by a member from the UM community (student or staff) with a UM card. 


Here is a selection of the podcasts that have been recorded in our DIY Podcast Studio:

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